Friday, June 3, 2011

Do I have to drain my radiator to change the upper hose or is there a way to do it without draining?

There should be a drain plug at the bottom of the radiator.

But if you have to change the top hos it is probably because of a leak (right?)

I would place a pan under the front of the truck then disconnect the upper hose (radiator side), let that drain into the pan, should not be too much. then remove the hose from the Thermostat side, replace it with the new one then add antifreeze to top off the radiator.

There will be some mess but it will be minimal.|||Yep! You%26#039;ll lose a little but not much. Do it when it%26#039;s all the way cooled down, overnight, Don%26#039;t even worry about the little bit that%26#039;s going to get on the engine.

Squeeze the lower hose and if it feels spongy, replace it.

I just thought of something. If you car is using screw clamps and they are leaking at the clamp try tightening it.|||you won,t need to drain it all out. just drain it down enough so it won,t spill out when you take the hose off.|||yes you have to drain the radiator or else you will spill coolant all over the place. but while it is empty, you might as well replace all the other cooling system hoses too because they%26#039;re likely to go out soon if one has already.|||let the car cool all the way down you might loose a little coolant but not much just be sure to re-add when install is done|||If it is the top hose you shouldn%26#039;t have a problem with water going everywhere especially if you let the car sit for 24 hours before doing the work. There will be some spillage but not much, get a drip pan for when you are doing the actual work. Of course the bottom hose is a different story, if you change that then you will have to drain the radiator.

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